Wednesday, June 25, 2008

BET Awards Recap

Here are my reflections on the BET Awards... I am writing this as I watch the show, so you can get the full effect of my reactions..

1. Usher's Performance: Much better than the recent performances I have seen of him, but still nowhere near what he usually does. He almost fell a couple times, and he didn't even sing forreal..

2. Jennifer Hudson and Terrance Howard had the whackest intro known to man... Her dress was too tight, and his outfit was too loose.. Not tailored at all!

3. OK... what was up with Keyshia Cole's Mom??? Can we say HIIIIIIGHer than a kite! LOLOLOL, she is addicted to drugs, and saying the word "HOLLLLLAAAAA"

4. Jeezy and Kanye were cool, Kanye did give a lil excitement to what could have otherwise been a boring performance..

5. Chris Brown and Rhianna sitting together, and jammin together?? Love it! His haircut is kinda hot too.. I would do do that to my hair if I didn't have a corporate job

6. Ne-Yo's performance... SIIIIICCCKKK!!! The hottest performance of the night HANDS DOWN!! And, he had the nerve to have Jabawockeez come out and perform.. I threw up in excitement

7. Ashanti's outfit was whack...

8. Alicia Keys and those hips... thanks. And a special thank you for takin' it back and bringin out SWV for us... OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! ENVOGUE!!!!! I LOOOOVE ENVOGUE!! You don't understand... me and my boys from the neighborhood joined their fanclub back in the day. Cindy was, and still is, my favorite!

9. You KNOW Lil Wayne must be hot, if Kanye brought him up there to share in his limelight...

10. Rick Ross.... put that belly back in that ugly coat... First... take the coat off, get a nice jacket.. then put that big belly back in that nice jacket..

11. Dj Khaled is so annoying...

12. Big up to UGK for getting Video of the Year! RIP Pimp C

13. Chris Brown and Ciara... HOT!!

14. Every single collaboration video involved T-Pain... That outfit of T-Pain's tho... Take Off that Silly %#*& Hat! Oh wait... I thought his teeth were really that yellow... my bad, they're fronts...

15. John Legend's outfit... Ridiculous.. Simple and chic

16. Hallelujah!!! Anthony Hamilton cut off that Nappy Beard and got a shape up!!! Those white shoes didn't go with the outfit though...

17. MAXWELL.. welcome back bro... Please make a new CD, and put Lauryn Hill on it... yall know that would be the BEST collaboration ever!! Maxwell, KILLED that performance too.. I need a CD release immediately!

18. Al Green, you are a legend.. but why did you go rent that Prom tuxedo for the night???

19. When he kept sayin "wait lady, wait lady!" He had to be talkin to Keyshia Cole's Mom, cuz she was a mess.. HOOOLLLLAAAA!

20. Ashanti.. why did you walk out? You are random....

21. The only White girls that can be on the BET Awards are Teena Marie, Joss Stone, Christina Aguilera and Fergie (thanks tierra)

22. Diddy will release "Obama or Die" T shirts... just watch

23. OBAMA YALL!!!!! Thanks Alicia for that profound statement!

24. Lil Wayne ripped it... T-Pain really needs to get rid of the top hats, but that performance was a good way to end the night!

All in all, the Awards was very good!! To me, this was the best awards they've had.. All the "flashback" moments were the BOMB.. the only thing that has ever topped this was when the Fugees Reunited a couple years back. I could have been at the Awards, but I don't head to LA until Thursday, but Raven I will be there next year!

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  1. I had to change the channel after #3 on your list. Usher was boring, and the exchange between Jennifer Hudson and Terence Howard was awkward. I was too through, though, when I saw Neffie and Frankie with microphones.


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