Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fashion Sightings: BET Awards

I gave you my live play-by-play yesterday, but today I will share a couple of my fashion faves, and some of my fashion loathes as well...

Lets start with some of my faves

Rihanna looked great in this Yellow dress. She had a black one on that was very similar to this one during her performance.

Alicia Keys wore this dress very well.. The shells resemble the Beyonce dress from one of those awards earlier in the year.. If you watched the awards, you saw that Alicia rocked some black tight shorts under this dress.. Loved it! She is so street and classy... My kind of woman!

John Legend looked so clean and dapper in this golden suit and relaxed dress shirt

CEO of BET, Deborah Lee, looks RAVISHING in this yellow dress. Her hair is beautiful as well

Kudos to Anthony Hamilton for looking CLEAN for once...

OK, now the whack awards go to..

Jackie O... Really, did you take a trip to the swap meet, pick up a knit hoodie, and print off some Chanel labels and tape them to the front of the dress? This screams FAKE.. Karl Lagerfield would not make anything that looks like this! You are a hot mess, and your songs are whack... Someone should slap you back for wearing this... We won't ask Foxy Brown to though, cuz you beat the brakes off of her...

Lil' Mama... You never let me down.. still a mess.. I think you would look so much better with a nice wrap, a T-shirt and some fitted jeans... this crap you wear will not help sell records so STOP IT!

Ashanti... The diamond flower on the wrist.. the diamond-esque embellishment on the dress.. the hard "Prom 2000" hairstyle, your loud whack laugh, and You in general.. TOO MUCH! Even that nice shiny leg couldn't save you this time..

T-Pain.. Your music is hot... your style is not.

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