Monday, June 30, 2008

LA Nightlife: W Hotel

After being in conference meetings for 9 hours, our hosts from California set up a nice chill session for us... They told us we were going to the W hotel to hang out, and I automatically think that we are going to be in someone's suite.. This kind of disturbed me, and it disturbed me even more when they told me that there was a dress code.. I'm like "uh, do you know who you are talking to?" But anyways, I then figure out that the W in Westwood (near Bel Air) has a club/lounge that's open to non-visitors... Anyways, this place was NICE. Again, similar to Pose at the Gaylord Hotel, this wasn't really a "club scene" where you have a large dance floor and folks sweatin' all over this place. This was more of "sit down, relax, drink (if that's your forte), and meet new folks... Loved it! Of course in LA, you are bound to see a celebrity or two.. I saw two.. Jazzy "Ladies and Gentlemen" Pha, and my Va native Missy!! So hype about Missy!! Anyways, I'm not sure if all the LA spots are like the W, but I really enjoyed it!

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