Monday, June 23, 2008

Lil' Mama: Fashion NO-NO!

OK, so last week one of my shows, America's Best Dance Crew, premiered on MTV. It premiered on JUNE 19... So, why did Lil' Mama have one a red, white, and blue outfit? I mean, the holiday was Juneteenth, not Fourth of July, so why the patriotic gear? Her style (which is her OWN style, so I can't knock her too much) is WHACK.. Let me go on and make a couple observations..

1. You have money... Why are you still wearing the shiniest synthetic hair known to man? I know females with no jobs that can afford packs of human hair.

2. If I hear you say "Swag" for no apparent reason again.. I'm gonna buy your CD. (this is my way of saying I will go crazy)

3. Back to the hair.. The layers ponytails that pop out of the top of your hat?? Rhythm Nation?? Janet looked good when she did it... And only Mo'Nique is allowed to still wear layered pony tails..

4. Your outfits make you look like a pack of skittles or starburst

5. How old are you?? Like seriously, how many years have you been on this earth, let alone in the entertainment business, that you think you can shed wisdom and light on the dance crews progress? You aren't even that hot yet, someone needs to mentor your Bright and Tacky butt and help you get a career noteworthy of judging others..

6. Can you even dance?? Kaba Modern straight murdered your own dance, and that solo kick you did in the video with Chris Brown was WHACK.. Chris Brown danced circles around you Boo..

If you know Lil' Mama, tell her that she needs to come to the Ave and get caught up on my Q-Tips.. perhaps she can learn something

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