Friday, June 6, 2008

QTips: Men's Summer Series: How to Wear Seersucker

Summer is here! It's time for cookouts, graduation parties, engagement parties, yacht parties... warm weather celebrations in general! As the warm weather continues through Labor Day, we all like to turn to what we know to be our "summer gear." Linen, anything White, and Seersucker floods department stores, and many of us wait in line to buy our size before it sells out. To help you make the right decisions in choosing the right look for your own personal style, I give you a brief "how to" on how to effectively pull off these summer styles. We begin with the ever classic Seersucker.

Seersucker fabric has been a staple for spring/summer weather for years. Because of its traditional look, my golden rule for seersucker is that it should NEVER be dressed down! No Sneakers, and no T- shirts should be matched with anything seersucker. Also, seersucker pants can be worn without the jacket, but NEVER wear the seersucker jacket as a sport coat. The offset in textures always looks best from the waist down.

1. The Seersucker Suit

Picture courtesy of Men Style

This suit is perfect for an outdoor event, such as a beach wedding, that requires you to have a tailored look on a hot day. Unless you are known for taking risks and looking good no matter what, stay away from the yellow and green seersucker suits. Basic blue, and gray are the best choices. For the shoes, stick with Brown oxfords for the best look. I'm a bit weary about recommending white shoes, because some of you may make the wrong decision. If you know that you can pick out a white shoe, then you could pull that off as well.

2. Seersucker Slacks
Notice the Brown Shoes!

The key to pulling this look of, is matching it with a well tailored, fitted dress shirt. A solid pastel (thought a white shirt is ideal) is the best choice, but you could spruce it up with a thinly striped dress shirt as well. Remember the rule to NEVER wear a T-Shirt with seersucker... As much as I love V-neck Tees, I wouldn't allow it for this look. If its blazing outside, NEATLY roll up your sleeves and keep it moving. Pair this up with some nice brown or white loafers, and you're on your way!

3. Seersucker Shorts

Perfect Combination

I'm not really a shorts guy, but I wouldn't do you any justice if I didn't mention this trend. It's definitely in style to wear seersucker shorts, so I'm all for it! Wear it with a nice FITTED polo TUCKED IN, or give it an even more preppy look with a long sleeve dress shirt. You can pair this up with some nice white canvas shoes for a comfortable afternoon on the boat!

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