Friday, June 13, 2008

Nas CD Cover for New Album

Nas's anticipated release will no longer be called "Ni__" but, instead will still get the slave mentality that he so wanted us to feel by looking at his album cover. The N on his back is so cleverly written in whipping lashes. I am glad that he decided against naming his new album "Ni___." That's just bad taste. I'm against using the word, but even for those who don't care, why would you name your album this? Suppose you win a Grammy or even a BET award for your album.. what would you like them to say when they announce your name??

I don't know when the CD will be released, but I heard a song from the album called "Black President" that was crafty. An Obama speech opens and closes the song, and the chorus is (you guessed it) Tupac's line "we ain't ready to see a Black President"

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