Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Pose Ultra Lounge: Nightlife at the National Harbor

SO this weekend, I planned a Birthday/Housewarming party for my sister. It turned out a HUGE success, with about 45 people at her new palace in the DC metro area. I slaved over hot stoves and grills all Friday and most of Saturday, but it was all worth it!

After such a fun and taxing day of cooking and entertaining, I decided I wanted to clean up, dress up, and unwind on Saturday night. Thankfully, my fam had invited me to a friend's BDay party at this place called Pose at the new National Harbor. Pose is an extravagant club/lounge atop the new luxurious Gaylord Hotel. First off, let me tell you about the ride to the Gaylord..

As we get off the exit to go to the National Harbor, I see some groups of people looking like they wanted to have a good time... unfortunately they were dressed as if their "good time" involved Ying Yang Twinz and Black N' Milds. In a worried state, I asked my people if those groups were going where we were going, because if so I was terribly overdressed. Then, after we valet parked in front of the Gaylord, I see other "messes" going through the revolving doors as if they were going to Pose.. Luckily, the revolving door continued to revolve with those same people because they were not allowed in the club (whew).

So the entrance into the Gaylord is Breathtaking!! The superior high glass ceilings and floor to ceiling windows were truly immaculate. The definition of SWANK! We wait in line for a couple minutes, and after checking our names off on the list, we were advised to enter the elevator and take it to the VIP floor. This reminded me of the clubs in Hong Kong.. all of them are on the 20th or higher floors and require a long elevator ride to get to them.. But its great once you step off and see the view. The VIP area of Pose was really nice.. White square ottomans and glass balconies with floors that change colors covered the top floor, as you look down to the club level with large chandeliers and marble floors. The club also has a HUGE outside balcony that overlooks the Potomac River and Skyline. Very nice!!

The music was something that you would experience in Hong Kong, or major city as well. Hip Hop, but with some Madonna and Justin Timberlake mixed in with it. The crowd is unique as well. The table next to ours were filled with 30 and 40ish White people, and there were people of all ages on the club floor. So whatever age/color/creed you are, you should enjoy yourself!

With all of this said, trust I would love to go to Pose again. It's definitely a place that you need to go to in large groups, because its more of a place where you have fun with the folks you came with. Make sure you dress to impress, and take lots of money! I don't know how much the cover charge is, but I'm sure its $20 +

As Brandy and I said on Saturday night, its only a matter of time until we see numerous Facebook invites to parties at Pose, but now you know who did it first!! Just make sure I'm on your "list."


  1. I love it! Such a great account of a fabulous night! And we so did it first :)

  2. whats wrong with black and mildz .. U bouegious B

  3. I've visited twice and the DJ takes you back and forth and the music is POPPIN. I'm thinking of having my 41st there now. The room rates are great. The drinks were flowing and the wait for your drinks were awesome. Love the POSE.


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