Monday, June 30, 2008

QTips: LA Fashion Mishaps

I have been here since Thursday, and I hadn't seen too many fashion mishaps (and never impressed by anyone either).. but it seemed as if everyone in LA decided to wait until Saturday to make big mistakes in style... In true Ave. fashion, here is my numbered list of what I saw, in no particular order.

1. Peter Pan Shoes EVERYWHERE!! First off, LA is not Miami, and secondly, these are whack no matter what city you're in..

2. This girl had on a black skirt that had to secretly be lingerie.. this black "skirt" had a red lace band going around the butt (nope, not the waist, as if that would even make a difference), Red SILK pumps (gagging), and weave to match...

3. A guy that truly tore up QTips on multiple counts... Akademiks baggy jeans... jeans had graffiti on the leg... jeans were CUFFED and matched with lace-up dress shoes... A polo shirt TUCKED IN with jeans... Say what?

3. A girl had on an "A Line" sun dress in a club... with a silk ribbon belt...I wanted to ask her if she planned on staying up all night and then go straight to church and Sunday brunch...

4. A guy with cornrows and wooden beads on the end...?

5. I know the climate in LA is beautiful and doesn't get too hot, but please don't wear velvet blazers in the Summertime.... And Velvet blazers (or any blazer) should NOT come past your knee..

6. OMG, this guy had on white loafers.. with BLACK SOCKS!

7. We were in line for this club, and this limo pulls up, and two of the chicks were seriously injured, but were sooo determined to come into the club... How does this tie into fashion? As such... Do NOT rock pumps with knee braces. Stay at home and relax

8. Do not make quilts, and then decide to add sleeves and turn it into a trench coat...

9. Ladies, please use spray deodorant during the summer... The white cakes definitely take away from any style you may have.. and it draws attention to the fact that you forgot to shave for a couple days...

10. Wearing Dolce and Gabbana sunshades are already a statement because the logo is soooo big... but ummm, could you please make sure Gabbana is spelled correctly before you decide to be a star for the day?

Now back in VA... did ya miss me? Well keep missing me, because Chicago is my next stop!

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