Friday, June 27, 2008

QTips: What I saw in LA today..

First off, I need to express my disappointment towards LA fashion.. I haven't seen anything that has impressed me yet!! Not that the styles are whack, they just aren't as different as I had expected.. I wanted to see bright colors, shabby chic outfits, etc... All I have seen are really nice jeans and Ed hardy everywhere.. Ed hardy is sooooo getting played out, so please don't buy anymore of those shirts...

ANYWAYS, I saw this chick at my conference who thought she was being sexy.. allow me to explain her mistake..

- She had on a short skirt
- The skirt was about 2 sizes too small
- The skirt had a split in the back.. so it was super stretched since the skirt was already too small
- She had the nerve to have on tights that looked like old biker shorts

Not a good look!! Please don't attempt this.. Yall know I am not into exploiting people via photo unless the person is already in the limelight..

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