Friday, July 11, 2008

ABDC Week 4: Random Thought

Lil Mama is still a mess... Fanny Pack's performance was so sick this week! But, Lil Mama decided to describe it differently.. She said "that was poppin"...

Poppin??? Now I am known to use the term "lets get it poppin" or, "it's about to be on and poppin", but never just a plan old "that was poppin".... Poppin is not a slang term for "excellent" or "extravagent" or "awesome." Poppin is more of a slang for "to commence or begin"

So Lil Mama, between repeatedly saying "Swag," and incorrectly using the term "Poppin" and your hair looking like stray spider webs, you are on your way of becoming the lamest chick on TV. Let me say it so that you can understand... "Your outfit is not poppin, and your stylist needs more coursework so that your hair will have.. Swag."

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