Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Andre....Is Fashion Worth It?

This story came out a couple days ago, but I figured I would put my two cents in just because its really starting to bother me. In case you haven't heard, Vogue Editor and celebrity (de)stylist, Andre Leon Talley, was caught in Macy's (I didn't know fashionistas shopped there) buying size XXL Calvin Klein Thongs.. Well, "buying" is an optimistic term, because actually, Andre needed to open up a credit card in order to afford (are you serious) the thongs... But, he gets DENIED! Ok, are you ready?

1. You are a Vogue editor and you are shopping at Macy's... Nothing against anyone who shops there, but you definitely shouldn't be shopping there if you are the Vogue editor
2. Thongs? Who stomach the look of your Face, let alone your body?

3. Is your career at Vogue secretly an unpaid internship? Like seriously, could you really not afford to use cash or debit to purchase your underwear?

OK, this goes to show how bad your credit can get when you try to be the most stylish and fashion-forward person known to man. If you don't have the money, don't buy it! I love clothes, I love luxury, but hey, my day job is an Engineer.. so I make money, therefore I can afford such things. Swank means having a keen sense of fashion, AS WELL as having financial stability. Thanks. Having bad credit won't get you a house on the Ave.

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