Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Chicago Bound

Just unpacked from a great 4 days in LA.. now I am re-packing for Chi Town! I can't wait to experience Summer Time Chi, especially the Popular Taste of Chicago! While I am there, I will of course check out Chicago Fashion (after all, I am staying on Magnificent Mile), but most of my focus will be on the Restaurants of the city. I haven't done any restaurant critiques in a long time (I still owe you some from a couple Norfolk restaurants), but I am gonna start adding more to the "Food" part of the Avenue Trinity (Fashion, Food, and Photography)

1 comment:

  1. You will absolutely LOVE 'The Taste!' Me and Lup went a few years ago and the food is amazing. Also, you have to go to Garrett's for popcorn and Gia Donno's for pizza! (I'm not sure if I spelled either of those places right but you get the point lol) Have fun :)


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