Thursday, July 10, 2008

CK One Re-emerges, but without Kate Moss

You remember the Calvin Klein fragrance from back in the day right? CK One, the unisex fragrance that had Kate Moss as its lead model? Well, Calvin has decided to Bring it Back, but with Agyness as his main chick. Agyness is a British model that came out of nowhere and has become one of the most famous, and infamous, models... Sounds familiar with the British models right? (Naomi, Kate...) I haven't posted anything on Agyness before, but if you are familiar with Burberry, then you have definitely seen pics of her.. Here is one.. She is the one with the edgy blond hair.

Anyways, apparently there is a rivalry (and a good amount of hatred) between Agy and Kate, and this may help fuel the fire...

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