Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Danielle from ANTM Models for Saks

I get daily emails from Saks about their new season collections. I normally delete them, but this time I went on and checked it out, because I saw a Black model. She looked familiar... Then I clicked on the pic to enlarge it and I realize that it was Danielle,the winner from America's Next Top Model. This was confirmed after I looked at NY Mag and they said that she was modeling for Saks catalog for the Tory Burch collection. Now, I hadn't seen Danielle (she goes by "Dani" now) since she did a special appearance for a later cycle in ANTM, but I did see her competition, Jaide, in the Ne-yo video for "Go-on" (she is the one squatting at the beginning). This made me wonder how the ANTM alumni do after being on the show. After a bit of research, I notice that the Non-winners do much better than the ones who win. For example:

- Bianca models for Sean John

- Jaslene was in fashion week modeling for Project Runway, and others

- Kim is now a VJ for MTV

Jaslene won, but she is probably the exclusion to this rule. I'll do more research and post some videography of the ANTM alumni....

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  1. Remember Jaeda, the one that said she was always to pretty one at school and got all her hair cut off (it was the Carrie Dee year.. Well I just saw her, she moved back to Iowa and is going to this horrible college called Grandview and she is engaged to this average joe white boy...What a waste, she was supposed to move to New York and try and pursue a dream and she probably was the best looking girl in school coming from IOWA lol .. sidenote: She grew all her hair back LOL


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