Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Essence Music Festival: Fashion Recap

The Annual Essence Festival was held during 4th of July Week down in New Orleans. Acts from Kanye, to Patti Labelle, to even Theo from the Cosby Show performed at this classic event. Now, I don't know what happened that weekend, but the fashion down there was extremely sub-par. Maybe it was too hot and humid to dress fly, but goodness, I didn't have many to choose from for my best dressed list... I tried though, and this is what I decided..

Here are my best dressed for the festival:

Kanye West shows that you can wear the same color from head to toe and still be fly. Not to mention that cream and grey Damier print LV backpack.. SIIIICK!! And the gloves... yall know I love gloves...

Keyshia Cole isn't normally on my radar as being stylish, but this outfit was structured perfectly for her body type. Very good proportion for her body.

When is Rihanna not on my best dressed list?? But seriously, take a look at those shoes.. Ridiculous. And gloves are soooo hot right now, lace ones at that. Ladies please invest and do it right!

OK, here goes a short list of who I think should have done better in New Orleans this year...Nothing spectacular with Chilli, its just that I do not like those shoes. They look like something you would find on the sale racks at Journey's, or maybe in the Clearance aisle at a Steve Madden Outlet store.

Hill Harper.. The outfit is just a total mishap from the waist down... First off, his shoes look like durangos (I have to run to rhe bathroom and throw up.....OK, I'm back). But in any event, if you have to wear boots, do NOT wear them with straight leg jeans! Hence the reason they make "boot cut" jeans. His shirt is the correct length though for wearing it untucked.

Diddy I'm disappointed. The baggy jeans with a blazer and a crew neck white T? I don't really get into blazers and sneakers anymore, but you could have at least put on a V neck with some jeans that fit (not skinny).

Mary J... Heh???? Are you at the Festival as an artist or tourist? Your shoes are hot, but the capris (mistake 1), and the cuffs (mistake 2, 3, 4, 5, infinity) are NOT!


  1. Now this had to be the funniest post i have seen EVER!!! lol i wanted to tell you that i am TOTALLY obsessed with Rihanna she is just tooo classy no where near trashy! i love it, i even love her with lil Chris Brown. I am stealing one of her red carpet hairstyles for my wedding day....oh yeah i want you around when i look for my dress!!! lol i will NOT walk down the aisle a mess!

  2. Yeah Rihanna is definitely a class act, her style is ridiculous..

    And oh yeah, when you are ready to start your dress search, let a brotha know! I'll give you a real life first impression of each dress!


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