Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Obama Campaign: New Yorker Magazine Cover is Offensive

The July 21 Cover for the New Yorker Magazine has been described as "tasteless and offensive" by the Obama Campaign.

The cover depicts the infamous "fist bump" of Michelle and Barack Obama from the night that he wont the Democratic nomination. The satirical cover also has Barack dressed in a Turban and stereotypical Muslim attire, with his wife Michelle dressed in a terrorist militant uniform and an afro. Look closely and you see an American flag being burned in the fireplace, and what looks like a picture of Osama bin Laden framed above the fireplace mantle.

I have to say that there is a fine line between satire and being way out of line. Honestly, the way the Obamas are depicted have some racial undertones, very similar to the way that Blacks were depicted back in the day. New York, you are way too liberal to even think this cover is cool. Even the McCain campaign has criticized this cover.

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