Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Restaurant Review: Ann Sathers Chicago

Friday Morning, and its time to get some breakfast. I planned an itinerary of places I wanted to check out, and Ann Sathers was scheduled for Saturday Morning, but since my Friday Morning restaurant was closed for the 4th, I had to do a swap. So we get on the "El" and head to the Belmont stop, and on this trendy street, we enter Ann Sathers.

When I step in, and see this LARGE crowd, along with the noise of glasses clinging and busboys hustling to get tables clean, I could tell that this restaurant was the truth! As I sit down, i notice that most of the tables had huge cinnamon buns with creamy sauce running down the plates. I figured that this must be one of their specialties. While perusing the menu, I notice that the prices were very reasonable and the menu choices were mouthwatering to say the least. Pecan french toast, Swedish pancakes (crepes), ligonberries, avocado omelets.. just to name a few. But the one that caught my eye (and subsequently my stomach) was the French Toast Fantasy. Cinnamon Rolls deep fried, stuffed to mascarpone, and topped with seasonal berries and granola. It also helped that this menu choice was recommended by Food Network's Own Rachel Ray.

OK, I am just gonna say that the French Toast Fantasy is such a literal and figurative description of this dish... Ridiculous!! It was so good! I can't even begin to explain how good this thing is. Can someone call up Rachel Ray and high five her for me? Because her recommendation was superb! I ordered some homemade hash browns as a side dish, and they were so moist and well-seasoned! Normally, when I order hash browns at restaurants, I have normally have to "doctor" them up with salt, pepper and/or ketchup. Not for these spuds!

Kudos to Ann Sathers for a great breakfast, AND for giving me a reason to go down Belmont Street and find this store that had my Ferris Bueller Dunks in stock!

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