Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Taz Arnold: He isn't random!!

Who is this guy????
Now we know.......

Photo: Getty Images

Yesterday, there were alot of posts about this guy that was sitting with Kanye at the Men's runway shows over in Europe. Most of the posts were ridiculing this guy as being random and having no importance to the fashion game. I found out today from New York Mag, that this guy is Taz Arnold from Sa-Ra Creative. He also designs the old skool knuckle rings that are shown on the above picture. Now looking at the pic above, its natural to think he is some whack dude off the street, but watch how everyone will be rockin' knuckle rings again... I hope yall remember MCM jackets from back in the day! LOL, Jerome from Martin used to rock those joints all the time. Let me just say that I LOVE his style! He is just stylish for no reason..

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