Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Zanel: MTV's G's to Gents

I decided to watch the new show G's to Gents on MTV. The "host", for a lack of better words, is Fonsworth Bentley. Fonsworth has promoted himself as a class-act in the entertainment world, and I guess I can believe it.. he does dress well, but when you're in Hollywood, its hard to know whats real and whats an act... Anyways, there is this contestant on there named Zanel. In his little one-on-one interview, he said that he was a model, and to Google him if we didn't believe it.. Of course I didn't believe him, and of course I googled him. He wasn't lying! He has done some runway work for Jeremy Scott, and print work for Tommy Hilfiger and Sean John (I smell a conspiracy..Sean John = Diddy = Fonsworth Bentley's slave master). Here are some pics that I found on this "G"... didn't know high fashion models could be G's, but OK.

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