Thursday, August 21, 2008

Artist Alert: Janelle Monae

Every now and then, a qwirky yet soulful singer comes around to show that good music still exists. We have Erykah, and like Kelis, but here is Janelle Monae. I first heard Janelle on the Idlewild soundtrack, but now she is out with her CD "Metropolis" Here is a video of her singing her hit "Sincerely Jane" You have to get the lyrics to this song.. although it sounds goofy, the words are deep... As far as style, yes the hair and the outfit are hot, BUT its one of those styles that would get played out after having it for over a week. And trust, I have seen many video clips of concerts in different locations, and she keeps on that same outfit as if that's all she has... Buy her album and help her at least get a red cumber bun and maybe some tan wide leg high waisted slacks..

You can also catch her song "Sincerely Jane" as the theme song for NBC's "Lipstick Jungle"

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