Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fashion at the DNC: Day 2

Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention in Denver featured speeches by New York Governor David Patterson, Former Virginia Governor and Senate Hopeful Mark Warner, and of course Hillary Clinton. If you've been watching the DNC (shame on you if you aren't), then you probably have noticed that there are some very interesting people in the audience... people who take their political party way too seriously. There are just some events that you don't show your spirit... if it were a football game, then yes, throw on your cheese hats or pig snouts, but is the DNC the "right place and right time" to dress as if you are rooting for Obama to win the superbowl? Those are my initial thoughts about it, but then I realize that this is a time for the Dems to have fun and represent their party. It also just happens to be where the Presidential nominee formally accepts the nomination..

You could actually go to the DNC and find your soulmate.. Check out this couple, that don't know they are a couple (I just put them in a relationship via Avenue Swank), If they don't vote for Obama, then who will?? No QTip for them, I can't knock political party pride!

Here is Hillary during the day of the DNC before her speech, along with Chelsea, who seems to love the color Black. Hillary is abiding by my linen rules very well, wearing the pants and sportcoat, but with a different color shirt. I wish she would have done something like this during her speech.. She looked like a powerful tangerine on stage.

Michelle Obama looks relaxed on Day 2 of the Convention in this pleated dress, and ballerina shoes, as she spoke at the economic roundtable for women in Denver. I like the top of the dress, the pleats and texture give this a modern feel.

The best dressed of the night has to go to David Patterson's wife, Michelle Paige. Look beyond the black and white jacket, and check out the silhouette of the dress.. That black belt cinches the waist even more. I know he is blind, but he is missing out on looking at that beautiful woman!

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