Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Khia Interview with Atlanta Radio Station

OK, so I am a Khia Fan. I used to say that just to be funny, but now I mean it! And it's not for her music... its her personality! Oh but wait, did any of you know that "Respect Me" the song she did on VH-1's Miss Rap Supreme, is a real song? The song is hot! OMG, please watch the video I posted below. A couple things funny about the following video:

1. She actually brought her own camera crew to a radio interview
2. Even when Porsche Foxx muted Khia's Microphone, Khia continued to talk even though nobody could hear her.
3. You can tell that she talks with her shoulders... and her eyes closed
4. There is no way that you can win in an argument with her. I think its because she doesn't take herself too seriously, so when you insult her (talk about her tattoos and gold teeth), it slips right off of her.

Khia needs her own reality show... I would tune in every week, and each re-run!

For more Khia entertainment, listen to the interview of her on Russ Par in the Morning.. HILARIOUS!!! Russ asked her if there were going to be any gospel tracks on her album, and she told him to give her 10 more years.. LOL, Khia I hope you reconsider, because I would LOVE to hear what type of gospel song you would produce.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know what was worse...Khia's attitude or her outfit!! "Mike off"...Hilarious!


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