Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Making the band 4: Episode 1

Making the Band 4 premiered AGAIN last night on MTV at its new time 9pm. It started off in true Diddy fashion. The fireworks, the sound effects, and the self-proclaimed kingdom that he apparently owns... here again, are my realtime reactions to the show... Let me know if you had the same reactions..

- Diddy... a good concert? Maybe Puff Daddy back in the day.. but not Diddy

- Here does D Woods... and that Hair! I didn't know that country-chic was "in"

- Is Donnie really on tour, without an album?

- Shame on you Mike, you put that weight back on! I know you have about.... Sorry I couldn't get it out because I heard BOOM KACK in the background!! OK, back to Mike.. I know you have made about $1000 extra dollars since your record came out, but you shouldn't be eating that well!

- "Corn Juice is Corn Juice!" I love it! That is one my new favorite quotes... that was definitely not on the show last season

- Laurie Ann is the epitome of too much... but she is straight playing them on Day 1! She didn't even wait until Day 26 to set them straight

- Will needs to decide if he wants facial hair or not.. the goatee + connection - mustache is played out!

- Donnie can NOT go on tour looking like this...

- 35 minutes into the show, and I begin to remember why Laurie Ann is back.. She is a sick choreographer

- Donnie's "new single" has been out since the last season of MTB

- Ok.. Brian can NOT dance.. is it just me?? It can't be just me... he can NOT dance..

-What is that disgusting yellow stuff rolling down Laurie Ann's face when she started crying?

OK, so the show ended with a mushy moment between Diddy and Boom Kack, and then they show scenes from upcoming shows.. and this HIDEOUS picture of Danity kane without makeup.. WOW! MAC is their friend, and they should never turn their backs on it.

Tune in next week!


  1. I concur with everything you said. Mike was lookin like he been eatin well. And I think that was make up running down Laurie Ann's face. Clearly she is wearing too much.

  2. I thought it was "Boom Kat/Cat"??? lol

  3. Hey, check out Aubrey O’Day being punched in American High School.


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