Wednesday, August 27, 2008

QTip: The Plume Vest - Overdone Already

Amerie, and Cassie were both spotted in a black Plume Vest by designers Elizabeth & James, and now we have a white version (pun intended). Aubrey wore this white shepherd dog hair vest at the Traitor Premier last week. Three people, the same style vest, and the style should stop with them... Please don't attempt to wear these. If I recall correctly, Rihanna had on the same vest in Black as well...Oh yes, She did! Make that FOUR people in the same vest... The funny thing is I love all four of these women, but I just don't love the vest.. I'm itching just thinking about hugging them with that vest on!

Elizabeth & James had good luck (and marketing) by getting four singers to wear their design, but they won't have the same luck in getting others to buy them, unless they put the vest in Filene's Closet. You gotta watch trends people!! Unless you have enough money to buy something and only wear it once, stick to classic pieces!

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