Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama's Press Conference- He Thinks Before He Speaks

On Day 64 of his term, Obama held his second Primetime press conference. I anticipate the focus of his new conference to be around the current economy.

Stating the goal to move the current economic state from recession to recovery and prosperity, Obama reassured Americans that there are no quick fixes and no silver bullets. His strategy will spark employment, increase in home sales, and quick stimulus package to put money in the pockets of Americans. He talked about the housing stabilization, increasing refinance activity due to historic interest rates (thanks Obama, I got a nice 4.75 rate yesterday!)

Basically, his introductory address was repetitive from what we have been hearing from Obama since his campaign. Decreased dependence on foreign oil, alternate energy sources, tax breaks on 95% of Americans, health care, etc.... Its good that he is sticking to his plans, but how much more reassurance do Americans need? That may be a dumb question since we are talking about politics here... I just haven't heard anything new in a long time, and I think that Obama is working hard to work on what he said he would work on... When was the last time we had a leader like this? Its so intuitive for a leader to do what he said he would do, but its so strange to actually have this happening!

I honestly have to say...this was probably one of the first times that I was actually bored during an Obama speech, until the end of his question/answer session...

I hope you all saw when he showed a bit of impatience with CNN's Ed Henry when asked about waiting two days before reacting to the AIG payout. After a time of going back and forth, he finally said "It took us a couple of days because I like to know what I'm talking about before I speak... thanks" I don't think I would have handled that any differently, but I think that Obama is getting tired of defending his stance on the AIG situation. Am I missing something? Has President Obama been retracting on statements or changing his views? It doesn't seem as if he is, so why is it this big goal to trap him in his words? Ed Henry failed.. CNN tried to back him, but it didn't work. It was two days, not two years! And its not like Obama has the wrong view on the situation, so why does it matter? I think Ed should have taken two extra days before asking his question, and he may have asked it differently. His question was valid, but his method was not wise or tactful, and Obama nicely let him know!

I totally loved the question of race - whether or not he feels as if his race has had any effect on his 64 days in office. I don't know what answer she expected, but Obama gave the perfect answer - judge him on his performance, not his race. Hold him accountable for how he is reacting to the current situations, and don't just celebrate him simply because of his persona and or appearance.

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  1. Obama loves his red silk ties. You can see the red tie at many occasions.


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