Monday, March 16, 2009

QTips: How to Wear Green on St. Patrick's Day

March 17 is the date where school children eat green eggs and ham, pinch other kids that don't wear green, and where adults go to their favorite Irish Pubs and get wasted on a weekday. No matter what you choose to do on St. Patrick's Day, you must do it while wearing Green. Green is definitely an "it" color of this season, but even if it wasn't, we still feel obligated to wear the color on St. Patrick's Day. Like any other day, you can't simply wear green just because; it needs to be a planned purpose! Here are some good color combinations for St. Patty's Day:

1. Green and Gray - This is the perfect combination for the day - this is one of the hottest color combinations of the season. A bold green with some gray slacks works really well. Even a nice gray and green plaid shirt would be sick with some blue jeans or your basic chino.

2. Kelly Green cardigans - Ladies can pair this up with some tan or gray pants, and a pastel shirt to give your outfit some attitude and spunk.

3. Dark Green - If you wear dark green, such as hunter or olive, stick to darker jeans and darker shoes. Dark greens really mute your entire outfit, so any lighter colors would throw off your total look.

4. Brooches/Pin - If you don't have anything green, or if your work attire calls for a more professional look, then accent your suit with something green. Ladies can opt for a green brooch, or jade bracelets. Gents can throw on a tie clip or cuff links with emerald detail.

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