Monday, March 30, 2009

QTips: Rules of Professionalism for Men

As the workplace is becoming modern, so has the acceptable dress code. Many companies have adopted a more casual atmosphere, while other companies who still require business professional have adapted to redefining what business casual is. From what used to be the basic black or blue suit with a white shirt and blue tie, has transformed into the modern man - a play with colors, patterns and textures. I have been asked by a few friends of what is acceptable in the workplace. Are pocket squares acceptable? Does the shirt have to be solid? What about the tie? Lets take a deeper look into the definition of the modern professional man.

In today's society, the mover and shakers of the business world are also trendsetters. They are unabashed in their taste and eye for style and want to make statements in the boardroom and in fashion. It is because of this that business attire has to change with the mindset of those inhabiting the business world.

Suit - The appropriate suits for men should be 2 or 3 buttons, depending on the height of the man and the cut of the suit. Colors are Blue, Gray (most hues), and even Khaki in the Summer. Black suits, while appropriate by definition, aren't a popular choice for suits in the business arena. Pin stripes are allowed, as long as they are a muted color and don't stand out against the main color of the suit. For example, a gray suit with white pinstripes is a bit too dramatic, yet a navy suit with olive pinstripes has a polished, yet professional look.

Colors - The day of white shirt and dark solid tie is over! Well, essentially over.. To me, nothing screams classic style than a crisp white shirt with a dark tie, but there are other options that are just as stylish and welcomed in the business world. Today, white, and pastel colors are the best for solids. Stripes are a good option as well, as long as they are vertical. No diagonal striped shirts.. EVER.. that trend lasted for one season and that was at least 6 years ago..

Tie - The tie is almost at the discretion of the person wearing the tie -If this person has natural style. If you are one who really understands how to play with colors and patterns, then this is where you can add extra flare to your professional look. Stay with woven fabrics, and ditch the screen printed silks. Also, it is not professional to wear a tie that matches the color of your shirt. For example, if you are wearing a dark blue shirt, do not wear a solid dark blue tie. Instead, you could wear a woven silk tie with a pattern (paisley, squares, stripes) that include dark blue, gray, and light blue.

Pocket Square - For most settings, a simple white pocket square will work for a professional look. If you are daring, then you can go with a different color and pattern. NEVER WEAR THE TIE/POCKET SQUARE COMBO!! That is NEVER allowed, no matter what occasion.

What's your favorite look? Let the Ave. Know!

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  1. You must have fun critiquing the fashion of 521-2...LOL!


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