Friday, April 10, 2009

ASU Not Giving Obama an Honorary Degree?

Yesterday we discussed both ASU and Notre Dame inviting Obama to speck at their May commencement exercises. Notre Dame is holding a mass protest against Obama because of his policies, but still they plan on giving him an honorary Law Degree.

Arizona State, however, plans not to give Obama an honorary degree, stating that "his body of work has yet to be done"

Are they serious with this remark? Lets talk about his current body of work:

1. Harvard educated Lawyer
2. Senator of Illinois
3. Best selling author
4. Ran the most successful grass-roots campaign
5. First Black President of the United States

What more does he have to do to meet the needs of Arizona State? When did Arizona State become this premier University that could truly gauge the success of Obama? What person or organization can't see that his body of work is superb, and that awarding the First Black President with an honorary degree would do more for the University than it would the President?

Previous individuals to receive an honorary degree from ASU are:

Doug Wilder - First Black Gov of Virginia (love this guy)
Jane Dee Hull first female gov of Arizona
Kim Campbell - First Female Prime Minister of Canada

Notice how these individuals were the "firsts" or their kind to hold a certain position...

Now, CNN is reporting that ASU may reconsider their decision. I bet they are now that the media has grabbed a hold on this ridiculous decision and reason behind their decision. Doug Wilder was the First Black Governor who was also a successful lawyer.. Barack Obama is the First Black PRESIDENT and was also a successful lawyer... Consistency?

Get it together ASU - don't be mad because your Senator lost to Obama in the election

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