Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For the Love of Ray J - Tasteless Fun and Fashion

I have to be one of the few out there that did not get caught up in the guilty pleasure of watching Vh-1's For the Love of Ray J. I can't say that I never saw a portion of an episode, but I vowed to never watch a full episode. I guess I am just over the exploitation of insecure women seeking fame and attention, and the D list celeb that is equally craving the same amount of attention..

Anyways, I did turn past the show last night, only to see Ray wearing this oversized suit with a shirt/tie set. He was in total violation of my Q-Tips for picking the right suit. What a mess! This really ticked me off last night, because I remember sitting across from him at a show during NY Fashion week, and thinking "what validates this guy's presence here?" He proved my point with this horrible outfit. And there is no excuse!

Lets take a look at only a few of the violations he had during his show:

The oversized suit - Ray J looks like a box in this suit! And the color coordination is totally out of style now. At least he did go for a printed tie with a solid shirt, but the shirt color is kind of Express Men's 1MX shirts circa 2005.

This is the wrong way to wear Purple, Plaid and V neck! Three of my favorite things, and he totally messed it all up! First off, do not wear a crew neck tee under a V Neck sweater. Secondly, plaid is in, but checkered is not.

This vest... I really shouldn't have to go any further, but I will. It has stripes, and burgundy patches. AND he is wearing it with a shirt that isn't tucked in. I can only imagine that his jeans are extra baggy, with tan fading and probably some really big design on the back pocket.. I can't see the jeans, but I dare anyone to bet against me...

The only time Ray J looked decent is when he wore a plain white T shirt. A couple of his jackets weren't bad either, but when you are on TV you can't be hit or miss.. you need to be on ALL THE TIME!

Glad its over.. now we can all watch New York Gets a Job!

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