Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kanye's New LV Ad Featuring Amber Rose

Here are some shots for the upcoming ad campaign for Kanye's new sneaker line for Louis Vuitton. It features his lady friend, Amber Rose, who I guess is wearing the girl collection, even though all we see is a bald head and butt crack. Aside from the questionable taste of that photo, the other photos don't do much for his shoes.. I feel that the focus is more in Kanye, and it just so happens that he is wearing the shoes he designed... I would have liked some more closeups of the shoes, or better angles that showed the workmanship of the sneaker.


  1. Nah slick, no one cares about the craftsmanship of this shoe... its about style, flair and arrogance - all of which Kanye embodies.

    These could be croc'd up flip-flops and they'd still sell as such.


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