Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Michael Steele Lures Blacks with Chicken?

During my daily Huffington Post stroll, I came across this article about Michael Steel and one of his most recent gaffes.. Let's just hope it was a gaffe..

In this clip, Steele talked about how inclusive the GPO is of African Americans, even though the majority of the African American population would likely associate with the Democratic Party (or at least while Obama is in office). Steele went back to the Republican Party's early stages of Freeing Slaves and winning the Civil War. Before he starts his well spoken justification (although I'm not totally buying it), he says "I got the Fried Chicken and Potato Salad"

Now.. why would a leader of the GOP say such a stereotypical comment? Not that it matters that he is part of the GOP, but it does bring a certain mood to the comment since he represents a group of individuals that is stereotyped in its own fashion of not associating with the Black race. No, it does NOT make it OK to say something like that just because Steele is Black! He surrounds himself with people that, in my own faulty stereotypical opinion (I'm working on it everyone.. I really am!), think of Blacks as second class citizens (or maybe that it seems as if the GOP's ideas dont seem to include the interests of African Americans), even though the two most powerful people in each party is Black. So saying a comment like that would welcome that stereotype into the minds (and mouths) of People who may believe such stereotypes internally but would have never expressed it (or laughed) in public.

Furthermore, I am disturbed that Steele would think to make such a joke about diversifying the GOP with the help of Fried Chicken, and with slang phrases (Y'all Come). Food didn't lead record numbers of Black Americans to the voting polls... urban colloquialisms didn't either.. it was the vision of Obama that inspired Blacks, and other groups not normally associated with the GOP, to vote for Change.

Steele, you gotta watch it! the GOP is too volatile to let a single thing slip, even if it was an innocent joke!

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