Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Peter King - Can't Measure Up to the King of Pop

Peter King, Republican Rep for NY (Long Island) is known (well, not really known until now) for his opinionated comments, but he has gained national attention with his comments about the late Michael Jackson. He goes as far as to create a Youtube video about how Michael Jackson was "pervert" and that the media should be ashamed of covering his death over other current events that affect the country. It is a shame that MJ's death overshadowed other events in the world, but Jackson was the world.. essentially. Michael Jackson have given more money and cared for more of the world than Peter King ever will. Peter King, being a politician, is not clean from scandal himself. After a scandal with the Islamic Center in Long Island, King has also been pinged for funneling $3 Million dollars in taxpayer money to a campaign donor in exchange for manhole covers.

We all will forget Peter King in about a week, but never shall we forget the positive influence of Michael Jackson.

1 comment:

  1. Lol. yea. this was a very wild and candid comment for a Rep.


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