Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Chris Brown on Larry King Live

"I was like, Wow" - A phrase that was said at least 20 times last night on CNN's Larry King Live when singer Chris Brown was on the show. brown, along with her mother and Lawyer, were on Larry King to discuss the Rihanna incident and the aftermath of his personal life. I think everyone anticipated hearing more than we did, but none of us should be surprised that he would take up an hour of Primetime CNN TV to NOT talk about the incident. Its evident that this was a PR move that should have been reevaluated because 1. You know that Brown's attorney is not going to let Chris talk about what the public Really wants to know, and 2. You know that Chris Brown isn't the best public speaker out there. This interview was very pointless for a Larry King show, and it exploits Chris Brown for his faults in public image (both style and speech). Chris Brown would have been much better off with a Barbara Walters interview. She shows a bit more compassion and would have been sensitive to the topics Chris Brown would/could speak of. Not saying that we, the audience, would have liked it, but at least it would have been an interview that makes sense.

Chris wanted to keep the incident and its before and after details private, but I think that he should have stayed private on the whole situation and not speak out on it. My PR friends may disagree especially since the public would judge him even more if he stayed quiet, but I think he was doing just fine by staying low-key. What do you think? Put yourself in Chris Breezy's Dancing Shoes before you make a decision....

Sidenote... Did anyone else see Chris Brown laugh when the Youtube video came up? I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought it was funny. What was more funny was that Chris said that he got help on the youtube video for the wording... the wording sucked! I hope he reevaluates his PR representation after all of this..

This is the Ave - so let's talk about his style before we wrap up. I'm all about a V Neck, but not this color blue, and definitely not with the same color tie. Also, you can tell that the V isn't deep enough for his Collared shirt. Its stretching the V of the sweater! Please be mindful of your shirt's collar before you layer it under a V Neck sweater. You really don't want this effect!

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  1. I haven't watched the interview but I read the transcipt on-line. To say it was a mess is me being nice.

    I don't understand why he want on the show to talk about the pink elephant and then not talk about it. What the frig did he think he was going to be asked?! The colour of that awful bow-tie?! That annoyed me.

    His syntax annoyed me, his outfit offended me. That outfit was not fitting for such a serious topic.


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