Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Demistache Supports Movember - Women Can Wear Mustaches Too!

Can a Mustache really cure cancer? What about a chic mustache around your neck? While these objects may not necessarily cure the disease, both support the cause of curing a disease that effects many men across the globe. Movember is a campaign promoting awareness of prostate and testicular cancer, encouraging men to grow mustaches as a sign of support.

For you women who want to support the cause, but want to do it in a more fashionable way, jeweler Demistache, known for their "stache" necklaces, will donate $8 for every necklace sold from November 1 - January 1 from their website. Demistache, a collection of sculptural necklaces featuring the iconic "stache" was inspired by the Dada period, one of the most influential art movements in modern history and the first to be considered a “cultural movement. Designer Rachael White, encourages women to take part in this timely, and important movement for men's health. For more information about Demistache and to order one of the pieces, visit their website .

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