Monday, November 9, 2009

Follow Suit: Steve Harvey Suits - Behind the Power Curve

I was listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show the other day, and Steve was promoting his new collection of men's suits. I don't want to say that his suits have been a joke, but it is pretty cliche to say "He was wearing one of them Steve harvey Suits" - You know; wide leg, long jacket, about 10 buttons matched with some Stacy Adams, a matching tie/shirt set and a hat. But it seems that Steve wants to finally get current with what men are wearing (or should be wearing, especially if you abide by my Q-Tips)

Steve Harvey suits before the change...

Anyways, he said that his new collection would feature 2 and 3 button suits because "the 4 or more buttons would be out of style in a couple of years" - A COUPLE of years? Sir, the 4 or more button "trend" has been out of style for a while now. I wonder if celebs really take the time to do a true analysis on trends? We even saw the same thing with She by Sheree in which she was a couple seasons behind with her trends from the Spring 2010 Collections in New York. Having money and a vision are great starters for a clothing line, but you have to have the intelligence and understanding of trends in order to be ahead of the game. Just because you are "known" for a certain look, doesn't mean you get stuck.. that "look" has the right to get old, and, just like with anything else, you have to learn how to reinvent yourself - and again, just like anything else, its all about TIMING! The best thing to do, is stay classic so that your looks can be timeless. A double-breasted Ralph Lauren suit from the 90's can still be worn today.. now that's Style!

Hire me Steve, I'll keep an eye out on trends for you. We'll work on the color combinations next.

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