Monday, November 23, 2009

Swank Review: 2009 AMA's Performance Fashion

In a night made famous for slips, falls, and pelvic action (between Shakira's classy version, to Adam Lambert's pseudo-pornographic display), there was a theme with the fashion of the show as well. While most women wore leotards, the biggest themes were the exaggerated shoulder, spikes and studs. If you didn't like some of the fashion, you could use Janet, Rihanna or Adam Lambert's costumes to poke your eyes out.

Janet looks great, from the waist up. The total outfit does not scream "awards show performance" to me; its more of a "let me throw on some sweats and Ugg boots and go to Trader Joes." The jacket was spot on with current trends, but those harem pants had the worst fit ever! They are meant to have much more room in the crotch area, but her pants just looked like oversized sweats.

J Lo made her comeback as well, with her new song "Louboutins" - the only thing is that she didn't actually put her Louboutins on until the very end of the performance. Good thing she didn't have them on the entire time, otherwise she may have broken her ankles as well as her bum during that fall.

Rihanna also made her comeback, in her 5th element influenced costume. Very risque, and I'm sure they stocked up on tons of double-sided tape to keep everything in place.

Kelly Clarkson had one of the best performances of the night, but she was dressed for a Christmas party for a factory in the Midwest. If she would have lost that jeweled top, it would have been better.. That dress looks like it is velvet - if it is, she needs to be arrested.

Adam Lambert was in true Glam Rock fashion with his spiked/studded shiny suit. His performance still scares me...ugh

Alicia Keys looked awesome in her gold chained jacket, and her correct execution of black tights! She gets a couple points taken off for the pendant that is dangling in front of her crotch. It was very distracting during her performance. If her stylist told her to throw that on, then he/she needs to be fired.

Whitney Houston is looking good, but that dress was extremely too tight for her. Many of my tweet peeps said she had "booty do" and I think you all were right! She still gets props for getting herself together; bouncing back is always in style

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