Monday, November 16, 2009

Swank Review: Beyonce ft Lady Gaga Video Phone

After over a week of the MTV no-show of Video Phone, I finally got to see the video, and, to my dismay, it left me uninspired.

The video starts off with promise; the classic Beyonce strut, exposing her hips and walking in slow motion before the beat drops. At this point, I'm thinking that this video is about to top the charts!

*****I can't promise that the video will be here for long.. ********

Then, it switches to Beyonce in front of a green screen (clearly its a green screen throught the entire video...) with a mix of a bra, panties and one-pieces in different colors. No Fashion at all. This is when it started going downhill for me. So, of course I am waiting in anticipation for Lady Gaga to come out and blow my mind with her outfit.. I mean, I was expecting her to come out dressed as a cell phone.. you know, with her stomach out and have crystals pasted on her as if she is a cute cell phone case..

BUT, Lady Gaga appears in the white Bikini. And thats all she wears.. the whole time... When have we ever seen Lady Gaga look this plain? Did Beyonce's camp feel intimidated and didn't want Lady Gaga to upstage her? Beyonce had about 7 different otufits, yet Gaga was stuck with one.. and it was super Plain.

So, I'm already looking at this video with no energy, and then the dance break starts. This was about the best part of the video, but I still wanted more.. The dance didn't really go with what I think of when I hear the song.. By this time, I was just ready for the video to end..

The best parts of the video was the beginning, the very first second that Lady Gaga comes in, and Beyonce chewing her gum.. In fact, her chewing gum gave this video about 5 extra points.

The video lacked the Fashion, Energy, and overall Craziness that I had expected from such an epic collaboration. I was expecting a classic video, and I think a regular, sub par creation was presented to us. I still love for Beyonce, Gaga and Hype Williams, but I could have made a better video from my video phooooooooone.

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