Monday, December 14, 2009

Men's Holiday Gift Guide - Accessorizing the Refined Man

With the holiday Season Here, I thought it would be important to share with you some of my favorite things for this Year. Here are a few essentials that each man must have for the upcoming decade; Classic pieces that will enhance any man's wardrobe for years to come. Notice the theme throughout the list; The New Teens will be all about the refinement of men's style; Pieces that will add the finishing touch to a suit, tuxedo, or casual night out.

Tie Clip
The Tie clip has definitely made its way back into mainstream style. Its a classic look that is essential for a polished finish to a man's wardrobe. Dress it up or down, if a tie is worn, the tie clip is a recommended piece! Gents, be sure to carefully place the clip.. too far up or down takes away from its effect.

Leather Gloves
This winter may or may not be one of the coldest ever (Can we really believe the hype of Global Warming? Thats another topic of discussion..), so we have to keep our hand warm, and stylish! Add some color this year as well; above is a gray pair of lambskin gloves with buckle detail that would go great with any color top coat that is in a man's closet.

Lapel Pin
This isn't just for boasting your favorite country or organization; now lapel pins are used to boast your sense of style! I have seen Jay Z do this quite frequently lately, and I'm loving the look. It adds the perfect amount of accent to a formal look and with the New Year approaching, its a good piece for a man's New Year's Eve ensemble.

Dress Socks
Stuff the stocking with more socks! Since dress shoes are becoming more stylish among men of all ages, the need for appropriate socks have risen. No man should have on loafers with athletic socks. Help 'em out! Make it adventurous too, add some color and design to his sock collection.

Weekender Bag
For the man on the go, this is a more fashionable, and still masculine, alternative that the regular duffle or suitcase. Match this with a garment bag for suits and shirts and you have the perfect amount of luggage for any trip.

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  1. Cousin!!! - it's J.a.l.a.n. Just checking out your blog. Had to speak about the global warming comment; most scientists (you know I'm such a huge nerd) now refer to the phenomenon as climate change. Some areas are becoming/ will become hotter, some more dry (think increasing drought in subSuharan Africa), some wetter, some colder (think Buffalo NY where I'm from), etc . . . so yeah, not just warmer. Different. Which is going to be a huge factor in the coming years as water becomes more scarce, land for agriculture becomes more scarce, etc . . . there are already tons of wars being fought due to lack of water. It's scary. Something straight out of science-fiction. Muah. Nerd comment of the day dropped.


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