Thursday, December 31, 2009

Q-Tips: "That was Sooo the 2000's" - Trends that Should NOT come to 2010

With the year and decade drawing to an end, I thought we would visit some of the trends of the 2000's that should not make it to the next decade. Let's make is a resolution to keep our style classic, and if we have to tackle some trends, lets be sure that they are befitting for 2010.

Don't Look Back! These Trends Stay in the old Decade! (in no particular order.. they all should be eliminated)

Skull T-Shirts
- Let's make the new decade about life! Keep the skulls in the past, its creepy and totally a sign of your sense of style (lacking).

Leg Warmers
- Remember this trend from 2003? The whole Flashdance look was totally in back then, and though tights are withstanding the test of time, leg warmers are not!

Nerd Glasses
- This trend really only lasted a season, but there are still groups of people still trying to keep it alive. Too bad its for a lost cause.

Kitten Heels
- Seriously ladies, do you want flats or heels? Leave the small ones in 2007.

Colored New Era Hats
- This was such a fun trend from 2000-2005, but if the team doesn't have lime green as its official color (no matter if you have lime green Dunks), please don't wear the hat bearing the team's symbol.

Gold Fronts
- If you got them permanently in your mouth.. sorry for ya! Having gold/platinum/diamond fronts is not a sign of money and/or success. Instead, get some nice white veneers to cover up the years of decay that come after having fronts in your mouth.

- The new decade is all about having the perfect fit! This also means that you shouldn't wear skinny jeans if you are NOT skinny.. then its just a magnification of your oversized legs.

- Sorry guys (and gals), but this trend is dead for anyone 16 and up. With the economy the way it is, you cannot afford to have cornrows in your head! Furthermore, its a total hindrance to your sense of style. Can you even imagine a guy in a perfectly tailored suit with sleek oxfords and Cornrows, whether in a design of straight back? This may hurt a bit of you, but please.. The Rows must Go!

Trucker Hats
- Remember the Von Dutch Hats, circa 2004? Keep that as a memory please...

Juicy Track Suits
- I am totally over any kind of track suit, but I am especially over seeing women in Juicy Couture track suits with "Juicy" written on the butt. Writing on the bum is a trend that totally left us in 2007, and anything in terry cloth should be reconsidered before purchasing in the new decade.

- Happy New Year!

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