Monday, January 18, 2010

Scott Brown: Another 80's "Model" In Politics?

Avenue Swank is all about Fashion and Politics, but was is it with the 80's "beauties" (or "hunks" in this case) aiming for Political achievement? First, we had beauty pageant regular Sarah Palin, now we have an old Cosmo "Hunk of the Month" running for Senate. Maybe Palin's fate can serve as a source of what to expect from this trend. Scott Brown, who is now climbing the polls as the Republican candidate for Ted Kennedy's Senate seat, is being known for his rather revealing spread in Cosmo, and for his high school "meltdown," in which he verbally attacked high school students regarding comments of him on facebook. I hope he doesn't come to my job to have a melt down about this post.. this is the least of things to worry about when it comes to Politics, my friend.

All of my Massachusetts readers, if you are for Health Care and support the Health Care Bill, you need not vote for the model... it would be wiser to vote for Martha Coakley.

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