Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lady Rih Rih? Rihanna's Style Similarity with Lady Gaga

After seeing Rihanna's dress for the Grammy's, it reminded me of a look I had seen before from another red carpet. The feathers up to the neck. The focus on the eyes. Then it hit me.. Lady Gaga in her Red Carpet look for the 2009 VMA's.

I have always analyzed the style similarities and differences between Rihanna and Lady Gaga, who are both highly anticipated at events such as the Grammy's, just to see how well they represent on the Red Carpet. Rihanna is known for being edgy, but for the sake of glamour, while Lady Gaga's style is truly art (and definitely in the eye of the beholder). The contrast is even shown with these two photos; Rihanna's Elie Saab gown is white, flowy, whereas Lady Gaga's look is dark and exaggerated. Thats kind of how we can explain each of their aesthetics. Against anyone else, Rihanna's looks may be super edgy, but seem pure when compared to Gaga's. Rihanna's look is just a gown, giving me no other thought except for understanding its beauty, but Lady Gaga's look seems as if it has some kind of story behind it, making me want to know more, or score an interview to figure out where she got her inspiration to wear a hat, eyepiece, AND feathered neckpiece.

Lady Gaga has surpassed Rihanna when it comes to shock factor; there was a time where the photogs couldn't wait to see Rihanna step onto the Red Carpet. This is still true, but I think she gets pushed to the side once Lady Gaga steps on the carpet holding a star, or wearing frogs, or turning into an Avatar. Either way, I admire both of their creative teams and encourage both to push the envelope when it comes to their own sense of personal style.

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