Monday, March 22, 2010

Political Swank: Congressman Grayson vs. Palin

Rep. Alan Grayson (D) Florida, is the Political Swank of the day, as his humored view of Sarah Palin is much like mine, yet his views are all over major media outlets. Grayson appeared on CNN's Rick Sanchez today to discuss why he voted for Healthcare, yet after his set, Sanchez asked him about his previous words about Sarah Palin.

--Tune in at about 3:00 for the part on Palin--

Grayson, in more or less words, referred to Palin as an "Alaskan Dingbat" and as you can see from the attached clip, he is unapologetic about his comments, and actually goes further into detail about his "appreciation" for Palin.

-"She's an inspiration to quitters all over the company"
-"She's an inspiration to every student in school who cheats"
-"I'd welcome the opportunity to debate issues as soon as she learns anything about them"

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