Monday, March 8, 2010

Red Carpet Review: 2010 Academy Awards

Unfortunately, I missed the live airing of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards, but luckily I was able to record the Red Carpet! I must say that I was not blown away by anyone's looks; nothing really bad and nothing breathtaking, but there were a few themes that are worth mentioning on the Ave.

If I have to choose one winner for Best Dressed, it definitely goes to Jennifer Lopez. J Lo has had a rough time here on the Ave since her comeback to the media frenzy, but she ruled the red Carpet in her futuristic, architectural gown from Armani Prive

(left to right) - Kristen Stewart, Penelope Cruz, Vera Farmiga

My other top looks would include the jeweled tone looks from these ladies. Each had the correct amount of color and drama for the Red Carpet

(left to right) Anna Kendrick, Amanda Seyfried

These looks had the potential to be list toppers, but the pale color against the pale complexion of the actresses washed them out on the Red Carpet

Kudos to Cameran Diaz and Sandra Bullock for wearing dresses that are straight from the trends of F/W 2010 Collections. Lame (or what I call "Liquid Dresses") and metallic dresses with mirror/jeweled details dominated the runways over the last month, and these two actresses represented the trend perfectly.

(left to right) Tom Ford, Lenny Kravitz, Chris Pine

The Men kept it simple and classy; focusing on perfect fit rather than making a statement on the Red Carpet. Notice how each of my favorite looks include a simple, black bow tie. No vest to distract from the chic look. Clearly Tom Ford would be on my best dressed list.. this guy has reinvented the tuxedo!

(clockwise from top left) Kathy Ireland, Sarah Jessica Parker, Tina Fey, Virginia Madsen

While I didn't have any big problems with the looks on the Red Carpet, I did have issues with some of the hair options seen on the ladies. While I am not a hair/makeup/beauty expert, I do know what looks good, and what really compliments a formal look.. The one's shown here are either too "Prom" or too "9 o'clock meeting with the conservative boss"

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