Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Poll: Pick the Project Runway Winner

OK folks, its time to put your vote in for your Winner of Project Runway! For those of you who witnessed the show firsthand at Bryant Park in February, you already know that the top three this season put on a show that was vibrant, full of energy and totally different from one another (unlike last year where it seemed like the top three was one big knit-fest). If you want to see my rundown from the actual show, check out the link to my Post here: Here is a quick summary:

Seth Aaron - Expect Bright Yellows matched with Black and White. Look for houndstooth coats, well-fitted knits, and the signature rock-n-roll accents that Seth Aaron has perfected.

Emilio Sosa - His collection was all about color and tailoring. When the first few looks came out, I immediately thought of a Michael Kors Collection. It was very sophisticated, but I fear that the judges may see it as old fashioned.

Mila - Mila was my #4 back in February, but she definitely gave a show that was truly "Mila" - Sticking to Black, White and Red, her collection was well made and presented a mash up of 60's and modern detail. The only thing about her collection is that it was a bit one-dimensional in the sense that

So who do I pick? I definitely think the final two will be Seth Aaron and Emilio Sosa, but depending on how the judges felt that day will determine the winner. I will have to say that I was Impressed more with Emilio, but Seth Aaron's had more energy and a youthfulness to its collection.

YOU CHOOSE! Make your choice on the top right of the screen!

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