Monday, May 10, 2010

Q-Tips: SNL Gives Fashion Advice - How to Handle "Leather Weather"

This past Saturday's Saturday Night Live, featuring guest host Betty White and artist Jay-Z boasted the highest ratings since The Tina Fey/Sarah Palin era. Betty White's unique comedic performance and Jay-Z's CONCERT (literally had to be the longest performance set ever on SNL), drew crowds of viewers of those whom aren't faithful watchers like yours truly.

Along with Betty and Jigga, SNL brought back an All-Star cast of former leading ladies from SNL; from Maya Rudolph to Molly Shannon, SNL featured back many of the skits that they are known for.

In "The Bronx Beat," Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler play two bronx natives with their own public access channel. In this skit, Betty White played Amy's mother and had on a metallic bronze leather jacket. Maya's character was in favor of her leather jacket, and coined the phrase "Its Leather Weather."

In fact, this is actually TRUE! It is indeed leather weather! The Spring/Summer 2010 season is full of surprising fabrics and prints, and leather is one of those fabrics that one may not associate with leather. Using a soft leather, such as calfskin, with no lining, is a very lightweight option to your wardrobe that adds texture and sophistication to your wardrobe.

Maria Pinto's Spring/Summer 2010 collection opened my eyes to this rule-breaking look with her Gardel Dress in a Mud Ricoletta leather. If this dress walked past you, you would not believe that it was leather; the pleating detail adds so much dimension and illusion to the dress, that you would think it was 100% cotton!

This rule goes for men too - Look for a lambskin or calfskin leather jacket, preferably with no lining, which can be difficult to find. It will work perfectly as a lightweight jacket for the cool, breezy evenings of the Spring/Summer.

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