Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Posh for Pampers! Designer Diapers: Chic or Costly?

Fashion Stinks! But only if worn by babies...

Photo: Ad by Huggies

Photo: Pampers

Parents will have to tell me if this is considered "flushing money down the toilet," but diapers are going past Dora and Spiderman and getting even more fashionable. Huggies has the new denim diapers, and Cynthia Rowley is creating three new styles of diapers for little girls. I think its a cute concept, but do you think its worth the money?

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  1. The commercial for the jean diaper was so cute; but actually seeing toddlers walk around with just the diaper on doesn't look so cute. I think they should continue to use the old school diaper's with Sesame Street, Dora, etc on the front. It's not worth it, but then again, they put designs on underwear for all ages so is there really a difference?


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