Thursday, July 29, 2010

Qtips: How to Get the "Kanye on Desk" Look

Kanye performs work for Facebook Corporate Office; standing on desk, and looking fly while doing so!

Kanye is back! And so is another inspiration on how to make your professional look impeccable! I call it my "Kanye on Desk" look and this is how you can achieve it:

1. Find a tailor - Go to your local cleaners and clothiers and ask for recommendations; you do not want to take this lightly! A superb tailor will be able to taper the sides of your jacket to give you the perfect fit! Here is an important note: If your jacket is two sizes too big, don't waste the time or the HUGE amount of money to get it tailored. Smack yourself on the hand for not knowing how to try on jackets (or high five yourself if you lost weight), and go purchase a jacket that is the correct size for you!

2. Tie Clip - I have been guilty on a couple occasions for rushing out of the house without adding this essential detail to my refined look. I like to use it on an occasional basis, but there is nothing wrong with incorporating a simple tie clip to your daily routine.

3. Pocket Square: I love playing around with fabrics, patterns and textures, but I have come to realize that almost nothing beats a solid white pocket square. Don't spend time making your pocket square dramatically sunburst out of your pocket; simply fold it into a neat square, and let it add subtle class to your look.

4. Remove the pleats! - Plain front straight leg plants are what you need. Period. I know that many of you can't do plain front for the sake of thigh room, and in this case one pleat is OK. Again, this is a time where a really good tailor is essential because they can remove pleats for you as needed.

5. Respect the shoe game - With a stellar fitted jacket and plain front pants, you must finish the look with the correct type of shoe! Whether you go plain of wingtip, go for a shoe with a slightly rounded toe. Keep a tube of polish in your desk (or if you're like me, luck out and have a good cobbler next door to your office) to maintain your polished look!

Hopefully, you can do this with a simple upgrade of a suit you currently have in your closet. If not, keep this tip in your back pocket (or in your lapel pocket, behind the white pocketsquare). Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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