Monday, August 9, 2010

EnGULFED in Fashion: Perry Ellis Launches Project Beach to Aid in Oil Spill Recovery

American sportswear brand Perry Ellis is doing more than preparing for the September Show at the Lincoln Center. The Brand has put on its charitable hat (and hopefully that amazing leather blazer from the Fall/Winter Collection) to partner with the National Wildlife Federation to provide aid for the recovery of the Gulf.

Like their Spring 2010 Campaign Ad shot in Key Biscane, Florida, Perry Ellis plans to keep their timeless coastal theme by shooting their Fall Campaign on the Gulf Coast.

The initiative, called Project Beach, will provide awareness and funds for the recovery of the post BP Oil Spill, using its social media and brand strength. Project Beach launched today with a Facebook drive in which each time someone "likes" Perry Ellis, $1 will be donated to the national Wildlife Federation Oil Spill Restoration Fund. Keeping it fashionable, Perry Ellis will leverage its Runway Show to the awareness and recognition of the work the National Wildlife Federation is doing to restore the Gulf Coast. Furthermore, the ad campaign for the Spring 2011 Collection will be shot in the Gulf, which is as awesome way to bring style and glamour back to the Coast.

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