Saturday, November 20, 2010

Lanvin for H&M Launch in DC: My Experience

My journey somewhat started last night when I was leaving Ping Pong to head back home. I was passing the front side of the store and I decided to stop and look in the window to see if I could catch a glimpse of the Lanvin Collection. This was unsuccessful, so as I turned the corner of 11th and F, I see a floral carpet, velvet ropes, and People sitting Indian Style on the ground... waiting.. already.. for Lanvin...

"Are you all already waiting for the Lanvin launch in the morning????" I ask, already knowing the answer

"Uh, YEAH!" they all say.. all... 12 of them (its DC.. folks aren't that into this stuff just yet)

My friends who were with me patiently waited as I talked with the soldiers in line, giving them encouragement and educating some on the importance of the collaboration. I left, telling them "See you all at 8AM," as I was pretty confident that the Men's collection wouldn't nearly be as chaotic as the Women's.

7AM this morning, my alarm goes off, and I casually get myself ready to head into the city and grab the only piece I wanted// the navy tux jacket with black lapel. It was my mission, and that's all I could think of. This whole time I'm comforted that "hey, I'm a dude.. I will have no problems getting what I want"
-- Mind you, this is when I thought doors opened at 9AM.

So here I go, travelling up the 395 onto the 14th street bridge, listening to Ryan Leslie (just got put on to the Transition album) and trying to decide in my head whether I wanted to buy anything else except for the tux jacket. I already knew I wouldn't be able to buy anything for my sister (or any other lady) because I was not in line to receive a wrist band which was required to enter the Women's side... All of this in my head, I approach H&M and see a huge line outside the store.. again, huge for DC... maybe about 100 people out there..

I turn the corner and park, hoping to say hello to my soldiers that were in the front of the line, and had been in that line since 8PM yesterday (whoa). As I park and walk towards the store... GHOSTTOWN... OK, remember when I thought that doors opened at 9AM... WRONG...WRONG.. totally 8AM.. So I almost get nervous because I may not actually get my jacket. I mean I don't wake up early on Saturdays for nothing, and I usually don't participate in the hype of these collaborations, but I actually felt my adrenaline kick in..So I quickly walk across the street and enter the store, welcomed by a mob of angry women and Beyonce playing on the speakers...

I felt kind of lost, so I was on the 1st level following the crowd... this is why I vow never to be a follower, because you can end up in the wrong area and miss out on your own destiny (whoa..that was deep and you know it).. I was so confused as to why do I, a DUDE, have to stand in this crazy line for some Lanvin H&M stuff!!! Oh.. wait.. what's that?? So the Men's stuff is upstairs... on the 2nd level.. not here where I am standing now?? OH Ok..

I get upstairs, and though it was less hectic, it was still pretty intense. But us guys aren't as pressed to grab clothes like that, so we had a very classy, calm line where we walked the whole section, picked up our size, and went to the dressing room to try things on. At first I didn't see anything I wanted, then I saw the light blue shirt with bib collar... My size = score! As continue walking in our calm, single file line, I see my tux jacket... BOTH of my sizes were there (when buying jackets, ALWAYS have 2 sizes). I was well within the rules of taking both to the dressing room, and... SCORE! While walking to the dressing room, I look down and see the brown cardigan in my size... you already know.. SCORE!

So, I stay upstairs and go to the register to pay for my goods... The girl at my register was going SUPER SLOW, so the line next to me asked me to come over... I get there and ring my stuff up, and I get my nice cotton garment bag with the Lanvin H&M logo on it... and guess what.. I got the LAST ONE!! SCOOOOOOOORE!

I go back downstairs through the ruckus and show my soldiers what I got, but first I look down at my phone to check the time... it was only 8:25! All of this happened in the matter of 18 minutes!! Talk about the early bird getting the worm :-)


  1. "Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"

  2. AWESOME!!!! Love the jacket, damn I want it for myself!

  3. Great story! Loved reading about it and almost wish I had woken up to go to H&M.. ALMOST haha ;)

  4. "Great post, very useful for a beginner like me"


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