Friday, February 18, 2011

Runway Review: Mik Cire Fall 2011 Collection

In his new collection, Eric Kim gives men the chance to experiment with modern, unconventional looks without losing masculinity. The Mik Cire Fall 2011 Collection would make Jay Z happy in "All Black Everything," but adds a few red looks to keep it interesting. It can be easy for a show of all black looks run together, but it takes skill to bring down a collection of so many looks in black, yet have each one be unique and stand out from the rest. By mixing fabrics, adding metal and fur, and styling the looks in layers with scarves and hoods, each look had its own story. Eric Kim said that the collection is for "the man who get's it," and for those men, Mik Cire will not disappoint.

See video footage below of the runway finale:

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